Medical Emergencies In A Dental Surgery

Medical Emergencies In A Dental Surgery

We are all aware that the current lockdown has caused many many issues in regards to hands-on medical training and assessments. This is why our team now offers a fully digitalised course intended to address potential medical emergencies that may occur during dental procedures. As this seminar is offered through a bespoke e-learning portal, it is ideal for individuals and entire teams. The registration process is straightforward and those who successfully complete this seminar will be provided with an industry-recognised PDF certificate.

What Does this Course Offer?

This e-learning seminar will provide attendees with a wealth of information that can be used to identify, assess and treat medical emergencies that may occur within clinical settings. Some of the topics which are covered include an overview of emergency equipment, the administration of medications, addressing emergencies such as cardiac arrests and strokes, recognising the symptoms of anaphylactic shock, and aspiration during a procedure. Candidates will therefore possess the knowledge required to deal with medical issues during dental surgery. However, please note that the administration of CPR and the use of a defibrillator are not covered in this course.

A Brief Look at the Registration Process

The first step involves choosing the number of students who will be attending this e-learning course. After proceeding to the checkout section, additional details need to be provided. These include full name(s), the name and address of the employer and (if applicable) the associated GDC number of each student. Attendees will then be provided with approved usernames sand website addresses which can be accessed during an e-learning session; enabling them to choose a secure password for each account.

Would you like to learn more about this e-learning course? If so, please contact First Medical Training to speak with a representative or to confirm your reservation today.