Entonox Administration Course

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Entonox Administration Course

Our Entonox Awareness Course gives you the basics on how to manage and deliver Entonox to a patient. Entonox is a prescription drug and completing this course will not give you the authority to buy, rent or administer Entonox but it will give all the skills to help a qualified person to administer Entonox and give you the skills to be trained with the practical side by an authorised person in your workplace.

Entonox is a medical gas mixture composed of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen that produces a pain-relieving and sedative effect without loss of consciousness where rapid onset and offset is required. It is a proven and established analgesic for acute, short-term pain, used for many years in obstetrics and pre-hospital emergency care.

Entonox Administration Course content:

  • What is Entonox?
  • Entonox Equipment
  • Equipment Assembly
  • When to use Entonox
  • Contraindication of Entonox
  • Reporting
  • Entonox Treatment

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