Safeguarding Children And Vulnerable Adults Training

Safeguarding Children And Vulnerable Adults Training

Ethics represent an important facet within the dental community and professionals need to be able to recognise any signs that a patient may be suffering from maltreatment. As some of these symptoms are difficult to appreciate without the proper knowledge, First Medical Training has created a course designed to provide attendees with a host of professional guidance. Whether taken as a one-off seminar or included within a larger CPD (Continuing Professional Development) package, safeguarding vulnerable adults and children represents a concept which should never be taken lightly. Let us examine this training module in greater detail.

What Does This Course Offer?

This seminar will require two hours to complete and these hours are recognised within the CPD framework. Many of the topics addressed are already highlighted by the General Dental Council (GDC) for their importance when detecting possible signs of abuse and/or neglect. Some of the issues that will be presented to students include different forms of communication (both verbal and non-verbal), determining the appropriate responses and the concept of informed consent. In the same respect, procedural subjects such as record keeping, referral pathways and adhering to approved policies will likewise be explained in greater detail.

Recognising the symptoms of neglect and abuse can be difficult for those with no prior experience. This course provided by First Medical Training will lay the groundwork that is required when dealing with such situations in clinical settings. Thus, the appropriate actions can be taken at the right times.

The hands-on knowledge gained from this two-hour seminar is crucial for anyone who is employed within the dental community. Please contact us for additional information and be sure to book a reservation directly with First Medical Training.