What You Need To Know About Blood Glucose Meters

What You Need To Know About Blood Glucose Meters

This accurate and user-friendly glucose meter is able to provide virtually pain-free results in a matter of seconds. As it is entirely portable in nature, it can be an excellent choice for those who regularly need to monitor the levels of glucose within their bloodstream (such as diabetics). This portability is then enhanced thanks to the inclusion of lancets and test strips within a durable carrying case. All results are provided within five seconds and the user will be alerted in the event that not enough blood has been supplied.

Simple, Intuitive and Reliable

This glucose meter designed by Accu-Check is intended to provide reliable results in no time at all; ideal for those living on-the-go lifestyles. As a mere 0.6 UL of blood is required and as the test strips are quite wide, the user can enjoy an entirely streamlined experience that would not be possible with other units. Rubber side grips ensure that the device is easy to manipulate and a slender shape allows for easy retrieval. Ten test strips are included with the meter alongside an additional ten Unistik 3 lancets.

Digital Convenience and Accuracy

Thanks to modern technology, the user can enjoy more advantages than ever before. A large LCD display is easy to read and four automatic test reminders can be programmed into the system; excellent for those who might otherwise forget. In the event that the main battery is depleted, a smaller emergency battery will provide up to 72 hours of additional power before the entire unit needs to be charged. As the time and date are both preset, initial configuration is much easier and the time required for the device to activate has been reduced. Please take a further look at this Accu-Chek Aviva Blood Glucose Meter and purchase it today with the help of First Medical Training.