Emergency Drugs In The Dental Practice

Through our associated company PSUK we can supply all required drugs in accordance with the UK Resuscitation Council November 2013 guidelines. The drugs can be ordered individually or as a complete pack.

We also provide automatic drug renewal announcements which advise dental practices when their drugs are about to expire. In practice, every dental practice should already know this as it should be checking and auditing its drugs every week along with its equipment, but the announcement provides reassurance and a handy fail-safe back-up. We supply the following:

  • Glyceryl Trinitrate (GTN)
  • Salbutamol (100 micrograms)
  • Adrenaline Injection (1:1000)
  • Aspirin (300mg)
  • Glucagon Injection (1mg)
  • Oral Glucose Solution Gel, Powder or Tablets
  • Midazolam 5mg/ml or 10mg/ml (Buccal or Intranasal)
  • Oxygen

Training on the preparation, administration and management of drugs is delivered by Paramedics or EMTs. Post-training, all dental professionals know the correct dosages for adults, children, and babies, the contraindications of drugs, and most importantly, what specific drugs are used for and why.