The Importance Of Choosing The Right Training Company

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Training Company

Dental practices deal with a wide range of medical emergencies, and it is essential for dental professionals to be prepared for such situations. Medical emergencies can occur at any time, and if the staff is not ready to handle them, the patient's life may be at risk.

This is where training for medical emergencies comes into play. However, not all medical emergency training courses are suitable for dental practices. You may be lead to believe that a general first aid course such as Emergency First Aid at Work is more than suitable to cover medical emergencies, it really isn't!

In this blog post, we will discuss why it is crucial to know what level of training to book for medical emergencies in a dental practice and why cheap is not always the best option.

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Our guide to Understanding the Importance of Booking the Right Level of Training include:

Different Levels of Medical Emergency TrainingDifferent Levels of Medical Emergency Training

Medical emergency training comes in different levels, and each level caters to different needs. For instance, basic first aid training may not be enough to prepare dental professionals for complex medical emergencies. In contrast, Immediate Life Support (ILS) and First Medical Training's Medical Emergency in a Dental Practice Course training can better equip them to handle such emergencies by in depth knowledge of what to expect when someone for example suffers a Myocardial Infarction. This knowledge, experience and expertise you generally would not get on a first aid course.

Different Levels of Medical Emergency TrainingThe Importance of Tailored Training for Dental Practices

A dental practice's medical emergency training needs may differ from those of other healthcare facilities. A detailed understanding of the specific medical emergencies that could occur in a dental practice can help create tailored training programs. Such training can prepare the staff to handle emergencies unique to dental practices effectively. This is why we started to include injection training as part of our Dental Workshop and Sedation Awareness Courses. These skills are vital for the dental team as they wouldn't be able to practice these skills until the 'real' situation requires it. By doing this type of skills workshop, we are giving all of the dental team experience of drawing up, measuring the correct dosage and injecting real expired drugs into one of our simulation training arms, therefore giving each person much more knowledge and confidence.

DifferentThe Cost of Training

The cost of a medical emergency training course is an important factor to consider for a dental practice". However, it is equally essential to remember that cheap training is not always the best option. The quality and suitability of the medical emergency training should be the priority. It is better to invest in high-quality training that is tailored to meet the dental practice's specific needs rather than cheap training that may not fully equip the staff. Cheaper training courses are more than likely a generic course and are taught to the majority of the public. First Medical Training's Medical Emergencies in a Dental Practice Course for example has been developed and written by highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who have vast knowledge of the dental industry.

Choosing the Right Training Provider

Choosing the right training provider can ensure that the dental practice receives high-quality, tailored training. When choosing a training provider, it is crucial to consider their qualifications and experience. First Medical Training have been the market leaders in the UK for CPD essential training for many years and still are today. Some training providers will not understand what training you require because they do not know the standards, for example, they will tell you that a 2/3 hour CPR and AED course is enough for your medical emergencies core subject, it isn't. More and more people believe that being approved to deliver CPD is a requirement, it isn't, you do not need to be approved to award CPD hours on any training course. All our CPD courses unless stated otherwise meet a very high standard and we award enhanced verifiable CPD.

Why choose First Medical Training?

We have been looking after dental practices for over 15 years and currently look after in the region of 15,000 dental practices worldwide. All our courses are up to the most up to date UK Resuscitation Council guidelines and standards and are delivered by highly experienced and qualified medical professionals. Our dental customers include The British Army, The Royal Air Force, Denplan, Portman Healthcare amongst many others.

Suitable Training Courses for Dental Practices

Immediate life support (ILS) training and our medical emergencies courses are suitable training options for dental practices. ILS is designed for healthcare professionals who may be required to respond to a medical emergency and provide early critical care to patients. Our medical emergencies courses provide tailored training for dental professionals in responding to medical emergencies that may occur in a dental practice. All of these types of courses cover emergency drugs. We cover dosages, when and how to use the drug, contra-indications and any side effects. If you are wanting your dental team to gain more knowledge and confidence then you might wish to look at our Dental Workshop and Sedation Awareness courses. Both these courses are only offered through ourselves and by no other training organisation. 


In conclusion, booking the right level of training for medical emergencies in a dental practice is crucial for the safety of staff and patients. Tailored training that caters to the specific needs of a dental practice and is provided by the right training provider is the best investment.

Remember, cheap is not always the best option when it comes to medical emergency training, as the quality and suitability of training should be the deciding factor. Dental practices should consider our very popular medical emergencies course, Immediate Life Support course or our exclusive dental workshop course as suitable options to ensure they are adequately prepared to respond to medical emergencies.

For more information about medical emergencies in a dental practice, please have a read of our blog post 'A guide to medical emergencies in dental practices'. 

What other services does First Medical Training offer to Dental Practices?

As well as offering a full range of dental first aid training and dental CPD courses to deal with dental medical emergencies. First Medical Training also offers the following services: 

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