Aero Eyewash Station with 500ml Bottles

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Eyewash Station with 500ml Bottles

The AeroWash Eyewash Station with 500ml Bottles has been specifically designed with direct input from the First Aid Industry. It is labelled with clear directions on how it should be used and its purpose as part of the First Aid Kit.

This product is made up of strictly 0.9% Sodium Chloride. No additional supplements.

This wall mounted Aero Eyewash Station with 500ml Bottles contains:

  • 2 x 500ml eyewash bottle
  • 2 x eye pads
  • Mirror

Aero Eyewash Station with 500ml Bottles

Guaranteed compliance with HSE Eye Wash Guidelines concerning minimum availability of liquid for eye irrigation! This item is essential for high-risk areas such as workshops and manufacturing plants. This kit ensures eyewash facilities are on hand when needed most 0.9% Saline solution is ideal for eye irrigation. The unit is wall mountable for easy access in emergencies Mirrored station for accurate self-treatment

Eyewash Station Sodium Chloride Refills 500ml Bottles are available.

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