Laerdal Little Family QCPR Manikin Pack

Manikin Type: Light skin
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Laerdal Little Family QCPR Manikin Pack

Realistic, quality CPR training in one package - the new Little Family Pack QCPR.  Reflects the realistic anatomical differences between an adult, a child and an infant. All these manikins include in-built technology to provide real-time feedback chest compressions and rescue breaths!

Pack includes:

  • 1 x Little Anne Manikin QCPR.
  • 1 x Little Junior Manikin QCPR.
  • 1 x Little Baby QCPR.
  • 3 x Training Mats.
  • 2 x Little Anne airways.
  • 2 x Little Anne manikin face skins.
  • 2 x Little Junior airways.
  • 2 x Little Junior manikin face skins.
  • 6 x Little Baby airways.
  • 1 x Little Baby face.
  • 3 x Directions for Use.
  • 1 x Little Family Pack carry case.

Available in light or dark skin.

QCPR Instructor app works with:

Android version 7 and upwards

iOS version 11 and upwards

QCPR Learner app works with:

Android version 5 and upwards

iOS version 9 and upwards

The QCPR Instructor app and QCPR Learner app cannot both be connected to the manikin at the same time.

**iPad not included**

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